What students say about Qigong:

"The gift of Qigong, for me, is to be each day in harmony with the Universe, a channel between Heaven and Earth. The gift is to be able each morning (and later in the day) to access the flow of universal energy, -- in a way that aligns me with Reality."

Joe F., Chicago, IL


"I have been practicing Qigong for twenty-six months, since late February of 2001. My life has changed vastly in this relatively short period, from that of a depressed person in almost constant pain to a happy, healthy individual."

Jane W., Tallahassee, FL


"Whenever I practice, an immediate sense of serenity and peace overwhelm my physical body. This rootedness, centeredness and a feeling of being grounded better allow me to cope with the stressful world around me. My practice has been a powerful tool to help me in dealing with the sense of loss and grief as a witness to the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. Chinese Essence Qigong allows me to think more clearly. My physical body feels more fluid and settled down as I am able to withdraw the five senses inwards to focus on drawing the attention to the journey within. The most glorious Journey."

Keith C., Jersey City, NJ


"I see Qigong as a way of life, of living in wholeness. We are systemic creatures part of a greater system. We are part of something so great, vast, and mysterious. This is the joy of Qigong, opening myself to tap into this wholeness, my wholeness. Qigong for me is a way healing, a way of living, an integral practice in my life and my work."

Karen B., Bolingbrook, IL

"Qigong has been a great gift for me. I have practiced it daily since the fall of 2001. I have noticed some physical changes since I began practicing. I have always carried my stress in my throat and voice. When giving speeches, during uncomfortable conversations one to one or on the telephone, my throat would dry up and my voice gives out. This has greatly decreased. I am far less troubled by eye and nasal allergies and digestive problems. I have a condition in my carotid and kidney arteries of fibromuscular dysphasia that has no known cure. At last exam in February the doctor told me that the arteries in the kidneys have improved..."

Jeanne F., Chicago, IL

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Studying with Prof. Yu in Beijing

China Trip members say:

"Exceptional and Exquisite - Qigong studies under the careful and superb guidance of Huixian Chen and Pingping Li is an indescribable special opportunity. Itineraries are skillfully developed to allow us to experience the beauty of the people, the rich culture and history of China. Chen and Ping Ping willingly share their knowledge, kind hearts, open minds with me and each traveller."

Kathleen G., Portland, OR

Practicing Daoist Walking Meditation in the Park


"This was the most rewarding experience of my life. I continually refer to the notes and videos that I took from the lectures with the masters on Qigong practice and theory. Practicing Qigong with the Chinese people in the parks each morning broadened my awareness to the dedication of the people of China and encouraged me to come home and share the Qigong experience in our own parks."

Sandi W., Walla Walla, OR

Cheers in the famous grape town - Turpan (along the Silk Road)


"I went on the 2000 & 2002 China trips with Prof. Chen and Ping Ping, I would go again in a flash. The Qigong studies are exceptional, meals and touring are excellent. This was a 3-week mobile Qigong retreat. Fantastic!"

Joan M., B.C. Canada


"Last summer I took the Qigong trip to China. Being in Professor Chen's presence and talking with her opens one spiritually. Being with a group of Qigong practitioners was wonderful. Attending meetings with the Qigong masters was the best experience of my life. After the China trip my friends said I had changed. I had changed - spiritually. I am much more peaceful, more balanced, and more in harmony with the Universe."

Jane W., Tallahassee, FL

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