Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong, Chi Kung
Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong, Chi Kung
Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong, Chi Kung

Why Learn Qigong?

*   To cultivate the power of self healing

*   To eliminate diseases and improve health

*   To regulate the immune system and maintain good health

*   To balance emotions and achieve peace of mind

*   To have a better understanding of life

*   To open up to the truth of the universe

*   To quicken spiritual growth for enlightenment

What Can Qigong Do For You Physically?

*    End Insomnia

*    Reduce Stress and Anxiety

*    Increase Your Energy Level

*    Overcome Depression and Emotional Drama

*    Produce Noticeable Effects on Cancer

*    Curative Effects on Chronic Illnesses (please refer FAQ for details)

*    And much more ...

Qigong Chi Kung


Qigong (Qi, pronounced chee) has a history that spans thousands of years in China. It is based on traditional Chinese medical principles for benefiting body, mind, and spirit. Qi is translated as the vital energy in the body as well as in the universe. Gong means work and discipline. Therefore, qigong is the practice of exchanging energy between human and the universe. It requires discipline and commitment. Generally performed with slow movements and meditation, qigong brings body, mind and spirit into unity.

There are many techniques through which genuine qi will be accumulated and stored in the body while impure and polluted qi can be cleansed out of the body through meridians.  By constant practice, the practitioner will achieve good health and peace of mind, as well as quicken spiritual growth for enlightenment.
Chinese Essence Qigong, Chi Kung

Chinese Essence Qigong was developed by the Chinese Academy of Somatic Science after years of research and discussion among scientists, traditional Chinese medicine experts, philosophers and the major Qigong masters in China. It was first introduced to the public in China by Professor Fuyin Chen, the director of the Academy, in 1987. Since 1994, the form has been taught to thousands of American students.

Chinese Essence Qigong is a form based on the summary of the major types of Qigong in China. It has all the merits of both traditional and contemporary Qigong. It includes the essence of Confucionist, Buddhist, Daoist, medical and martial art Qigong. It is easy to learn and is a good way to harmonize body, spirit and mind. Through years of practice by thousands of people, this form has been proven to be very effective in eliminating diseases, improving health, balancing emotions and refining the spirit.

Awakening Light Gong, Chi Kung


Awakening Light Gong was invented by Master Liang, Guanghua after studying Zen Meditation and Buddist teachings for over 50 years. This form includes sitting and standing meditation with very powerful mantras and spiritual music provided by Master Liang’s teacher.

Master Liang was born in poverty and grew up in the Pu Ji Buddhist Temple, where he was taught Buddhism and Chinese arts. Based on his experiences, he invented a very simple but powerful form named, Awakening Light Gong. He taught thousands of people who, after practicing this form, recovered from cancers, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular system diseases and disorders, and many other difficult chronic diseases. Awakening Light Gong is an advanced form which is good for both health and spiritual growth. Therefore, in the 80’s Master Liang was honored as one of the greatest qigong masters in China.

Turtle Longevity Qigong, Chi Kung


Turtle Longevity Qigong was invented by the Wang family over 400 years ago. The form has been improved from generation to generation. It was first introduced to the public about 10 years ago and has been receiving high reputation in the Qigong community for being effective to the body, mind and spirit.

Turtle Longevity Qigong is an increasingly popular form of gental meditative exercise and an easy-to-learn form, suitable for adults of all ages. Master Wang, Zhezhong, the 19th lineage holder, has taught this form in Japan, Canada and the United States.

Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong, Chi Kung


Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong was originated in the late 1970 by Master Jinxiang Zhao who was the first master to teach Qigong to the general public in China.

After he was stricken with pleurisy and tuberculosis as a youth, Master Zhao experienced Qigong as part of his medical treatment. With continued practice, he completely recovered his health, and later found that he had the power to heal others. Since he could not treat the hundreds of sick people who flocked to him each day, he devised a form of Qigong that would empower them to treat themselves.

In 1989, Master Zhao brought Soaring Crane Qigong to the U.S. with the assistance of Professor Huixian Chen, who had worked very closely with him. Classified as a medical Qigong form, it is estimated that there are over 20 million people currently practice Soaring Crane Qigong worldwide.

There are three levels in Soaring Crane Qigong training.

Level 1 Class

The Five Routines, the foundation of Soaring Crane Qigong system, consist of five different forms that imitate the nature of movements of the crane.

In Chinese lore, the red-crowned crane was highly regarded as a symbol of longevity and revered for its elegant movements, plus its calm, and peaceful demeanor.

In this class, participants will learn the Five Standing Routines of Soaring Crane Qigong, two Remedy Routines for cleansing and healing, and two Lying Down qigong meditations.

Founded on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the Five Routines contain the essential techniques of Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong that help develop the power of one's mind and the discipline to guide the qi in the body. As a result, the acupoints are opened, the channels are cleared and the blood flow improves to nourish muscles, bones, arteries and veins.

Level 2 Class (advanced class)

This class will guide experienced participants to a higher level in their practice of the Five Routines, through refinement of the movements, as well as in the discipline of the mind as required in this Qigong form.

A deeper theoretical basis will be given for the 106 precise movements, and for clarity of understanding how to direct qi appropriately. This relates to a Chinese medical principle, where the mind goes, the qi and blood flow.

The highlight of Soaring Crane Qigong, the Standing Meditation, will be a key component of this level of practice as the body is cleansed through relaxed spontaneous movements.

Instruction is also given in the Sitting Meditation, which is a special offering to Soaring Crane Qigong practitioners. Two other Remedy Routines will be taught to enable the students to adjust their qi during practice.

Pre-requisites for this Level 2 class are completion of Level 1, and practice of Soaring Crane Qigong for at least total of 50 hours.

Level 3 Class (advanced class)

This comprehensive training provides an opportunity for students who want to delve into Soaring Crane Qigong at the deepest levels.

Qigong theories are explored as well as the Chinese philosophies behind them. Students will master the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine on which the 106 parts of the form are based.

The remainder of Soaring Crane Qigong system will be taught during these classes including Remedy Routines and the Crane Walking Steps. Students will receive one-on-one coaching and ample opportunity to achieve competency in all aspects of this form.

The Level 3 program serves as a prerequisite and preparation for the Soaring Crane Qigong Level 1 Teacher Training and Certification Program.

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